Sugar Motta || 16 || Human || Endgame: Sagar || OPEN
Look up “spoiled brat” in the dictionary and you’d see Sugar’s picture. She buys her way into everything, which includes Glee club. She has literally no talent, but she’s quick to flash her credit card.
At heart, Sugar is a really sweet girl who doesn’t know how to make friends because all she’s ever had to do was flash her money and people loved her. She knows that most people only like her for her money and she pretends it doesn’t bother her, but it does.
Loves to bake and every week she brings in cupcakes for the Glee club.
Is terrified of all things demon and supernatural. She’s often suggested that Lima tear down the building on the hill, as many people believe its abandoned.
Sugar is very book smart, but she dumbs herself down when she speaks. PLOT || RULES || AUDITION FORM || AUDITION || CHARACTERS ||  ASK

Sugar Motta || 16 || Human || Endgame: Sagar || OPEN